2019 Season Outline

Dear BELL families and friends,

We hope you’ve had a great holiday season – baseball, softball, and tee ball are right around the corner.  We hope this post answers most of your questions about the upcoming 2019 season.

New Board of Directors

In September we voted in a new board for 2019. Bellevue East Little League is a 100 percent volunteer operation. Being a board member is a big commitment. We’d like to give a special thanks to Khan Chan for taking on the VP of Softball role. Khan comes with a lot of experience as a school teacher and former college player.

This year’s board is committed to providing the best experience possible for your kids. So again, thanks to all who have stepped up. You can find a current list of all board members on the website. If you run into of them, please give them your thanks.

Website and Registration

We’ve made updates to the BELL website and registration systems. This is to help you find the information you’re looking for more easily and make the registration process easier. Give us feedback; we want to know if these changes are working for you. Send e-mail to info@bellevueeastll.org and tell us what you think.

We’re excited to move to TeamSnap for registration and team management.

TeamSnap Announcement

Be sure to download the TeamSnap mobile app to keep track of practice and game schedules, and inform the coach of player availability.

Winter Clinic (Boys & Girls,  All Ages)

Winter Training Clinic (Winter Clinic) is an awesome way of brushing off the rust, getting back to friends, baseball, and softball. Clinics are designed to be fun and instructional, they are not tryouts or auditions. As parents and guardians, if you have questions, talk with us; we’re here to help the kids.

Winter Clinic Announcement

This year we will have a registration table. Please check in each week, we will be handing out shirts as well. Wear your shirts proudly each week. This is also a great time to talk with our VP’s about becoming a coach, asking questions and getting involved.

Jim from Misho Sports will be on hand. If you have questions about bats, gear, or mitt sizing, he is a great resource to ask.

If you can help with winter clinic, let us know (e-mail volunteer@bellevueeastll.org). We are in need of support for softball as well as baseball. Volunteering is only a hour or so commitment. Youth volunteers can receive academic credit.

Spring Pitching and Catching Clinic with Baseball Positive

In the spring, right as the season kicks off, we will be offering (on a first come first serve basis) a weekend catching and pitching clinic with Mark Linden from Baseball Positive. This is a great way to get your catchers and pitchers the extra instruction to further their baseball knowledge. Look for updates as the season approaches.

Season Sketch

We are still working on the exact dates of all the leagues events; but we wanted to share a season sketch to help plan your spring calendars.

The dates below may change – you can always find the latest season sketch on our schedule page.

Once you sign up to a play and are placed on a team, you’ll be able to find team schedules on the teams page.

Last Week of November – Registration Opens 

Winter Clinics registration will open the last week of November. Sign up fast as we usually max out in the first couple weeks of registration. Baseball/Softball registration opens shortly thereafter.

January 5th – Winter Clinic Starts

Winter clinic will start on January 5th and run for 6 weeks through Saturday February 9th .

February 10th – AAA, Coast, Majors, Juniors (Drafted-Level) Evaluations

Evaluations for baseball and softball will be February 10th; we expect them to be held again at the Bellevue College gym.

Drafted level teams will be formed the following week, and you will start hearing from your coaches soon after.

(Tentative) March 1st – A, AA Team Notifications and Practices

Undrafted level teams are expected to form the following week. Coaches will notify kids the week of March 1st and begin practices the week of March 10th.

(Tentative) April 20th – Tee Ball 

Tee Ball will once again be on Saturdays using a turf field. Parents can collectively breathe a sigh of relief knowing the days of your kids filling their pants pockets with sand are over.

For the new parents coming to us for the first time, Tee ball is a blast. Your kiddos will be practicing for 45 minutes with other teams, maybe breaking into the spontaneous game of tag! Followed by a low-key instructional game lasting 45 minutes to an hour with lots of encouragement and photo ops for the parents. It’s a 2-hour commitment starting early May and lasting into the middle of June.

Volunteers Needed

We run on volunteer help.

Coaches, Managers, Umpires, Scorekeepers

We need coaches at all levels, and every drafted team will need at least two volunteer umpires. As teams form, let your coaches know if you can help with field prep, scorebooks, or team management. The more help your coaches receive, the better your experiences will be.

Board Members

  • Field Scheduler
  • Information Officer
  • Events Manager

There are couple of open board positions that we haven’t yet filled. We are looking for a field scheduler. The main requirements here are good organization and being handy with Microsoft Excel.  We are looking for an Information Officer. For that role, you need to be computer savy. This includes domain registration and other backend systems like Office 365 and WordPress.  For the Events Manager position, we are are in need of someone who likes to help organizing events. The main responsibility is helping kick off Opening Day; there are other smaller events like Mariner’s Day that the Events Manager helps coordinate.

Winter Clinic

If you can help with winter clinic, let us know. We are are in need of support for softball as well as baseball. Volunteering is only a hour or so commitment. Youth volunteers can receive academic credit.

If you want to help out or learn more, e-mail us at volunteer@bellevueeastll.org.


So as the season ramps up, please be patient with all the volunteers who are helping to support the league and make this a great event for the kids. All parents/guardians are welcome to start reaching out to the VP’s.

We hope to see you all on the field. Thanks everyone for creating the best possible experience for your kids.


Bellevue East Little League 2019 Board of Directors