Imagine if you saw all 9 players on the field run to their spots on every hit ball.  Imagine if they knew exactly where to go.  This is the camp that teaches kids the whole game in a fun, fast way. This camp is the best way to improve play in our league and prepare for All Stars in the future.

Mark Gardner, BNLL AAA VP


Camp Information

  • June 26-29 at Lewis Creek Park
  • BNLL discount code QW3344
  • Discount code good for all camps
  • Three age groups (6-7, 8-9, and 10-12)
  • Costs:  $137 (ages 6-7) and $157 (ages 8-12)


Baseball Positive is back to run a fast paced and informative Summer Camp in Bellevue! BNLL families, these are terrific opportunities for our kids to have FUN playing baseball at camp this summer.  Mark Linden, long-time friend and mentor for league coaches and players, leads the camps.   


Most of camp time is dedicated to PLAYING GAMES. Woven into the Games format is teaching fundamental skills: the batting swing, throwing, catching, fielding and baserunning.  In-depth batting instruction is a primary feature, in addition to game play.  All instructors are expertly trained members of the Baseball Positive coaching staff.


Space is limited, Click Here to sign up today! 

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